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Cricket’s Greatest Game (2023) – BBC/SKY

Dir: Ashley Gething

The definitive story of the 2019 Cricket World Cup final between England and New Zealand – arguably the greatest final ever played in any sport. It’s a tale of courage and comradeship. It reveals the human dramas lying behind one of the greatest days in England’s sporting history.

Role: Drone Pilot/Second Camera Operator

CHAMPIONS: ENGLAND (2021) – Rakuten TV

Dir: Elena Gómez Carrascal

Champions explores the past, present and future of women’s football by looking at three generations united by passion across different European countries. In each episode, a pioneering player will talk about the past, a current star will showcase the current challenges and a future heroine will reflect on what’s to come. With a road movie narrative, each episode will travel the world with the aim of uncovering the origins of women’s football, the obstacles it has overcome, the challenges it still faces and what’s left to do. The series will also focus on inclusion, the different game styles by country and, of course, meet and share testimonials of today’s top European players.

Role: Main Camera Operator/DOP


Series Producer: Zoe Thorman

Archaeologist Ben Robinson visits the picturesque Georgian village of Charlestown on the south west coast of Cornwall and learns how it was shaped by the vision of one man.

Role: Additional Camera Operator/Drone


Dir. Philip Staal

A short drama about a woman’s immediate reaction to miscarriage and the struggles she goes through when communicating with friends and family. An insight into the female perspective when dealing with loss, designed to break down social boundaries surrounding the issue and encourage more informed support for men and women.

Role: Camera Operator         Camera: Arri Alexa/Cooke S4


Dir. Niamh Farrelly

Silver Studded Blue is a portrait-of-a-person style piece exploring themes of the fluidity of identity, gender and beauty. The film follows a night in the life of a drag queen by the name of Silver Studded Blue, who is inspired by butterflies; the metamorphosis they go through and the freedom they find.

Role: Gaffer         Camera: Arri Alexa/Zeiss CP.2

Camera Operator for TV productions