The market is demanding 4k content as it is 4 times the resolution of standard HD video. That’s quadruple the resolution we normally see on our 1080p Televisions, giving us super crisp images and much more information for us to use in edits. Please get in touch with me if you require footage from a specific location or if you would like to get me involve in your productions at
All the time-lapses are available in any frame rate and up to 5k.
Visit my stock footage library at Videoblocks  or Pond5

4k Footage

With all the largest manufacturers of TV’s pushing their products to support 4k it’s only a matter of time before the public becomes accustomed to 4k and they begin to see the quality jump.

Motion Time-Lapse

Accurate and creative motion time-lapse sequences for your commercial productions. Bring a unique perspective by adding movement to the scene using a motorised slider, including long exposure shots.

Stock Library

Visit my HD and 4K stock footage library, and choose from hundreds of incredible time-lapse shots for your commercial or personal projects, available to download instantly on demand.
Stock Footage Time-lapse Photography
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